Thursday, 28 August 2014

Time to get the boots out....

Hi All,

It’s been a little while, we’ve been busy peeps in the Mastershoe-Myshu office with loads of new styles arriving for Autumn/Winter and boy is Autumn arriving with a bang it was so chilly last night! Only a few weeks ago we were bathing in gorgeous sunshine and taking full advantage of the office’s air conditioning, taking photos and loading fleecy lined boots onto the website we thought we were mad, and yet now I’m looking at weather and the boots coming through thinking hmm…they're rather yummy.

Ok so I do have a bit of a shoe addiction, particularly boots, I think it goes hand in hand with working for a footwear retailer and for this blog I thought I would share some of my favourites that have arrived so far.  My problem is the new arrivals are only the tip of the iceberg, we still have Dr Martens, my personal favourites for comfort – FitFlop, Merrell, North Face and Skechers winter ranges to start arriving, and still sooo many more styles from the brands that have started to deliver already.

Fly London Lask

My first favourite has to come from Fly London, the Lask boots.  For me the camel colour has got to be the best, these boots give the classic biker style a real feminine twist and the chunky heel is great….I am rubbish in heels, the chunkier the better!! I love that the laces make them adjustable but they also have a zip on the
side so once the lace is set you haven’t got to faff around everytime you put them on and take them off.  They would look fab with a pair of skinnys…chic grunge.

My perfect school shoes when I was 15!
Next up, from a brand that’s following is growing fast, and it’s easy to see why when you check out they’re styles…Vagabond.  New in this week is the Dioon Moc Slip Shoe, ok so not a boot but I love these shoes and for one simple reason.  When I was at school, after the Buffalo craze had finished everyone was wearing shoes like these…and I wasn’t allowed a pair, the heel was to high, they cost to much, I’d grow out of them to quick etc etc. So now just because I can, I really want a pair.

And lastly for now it has to be the Timberland 14 Inch Premium Waterproof, I love the wheat colour but I would trash it in no time so for me it would have to be the brown.  My problem is for boots like these – flat, waterproof and comfortable I wear them everywhere, to work, showing the dogs, training with the dogs and walking the dogs.  A few agility sessions at the equestrian center and a couple of muddy walks and wheat would be brown anyway.

I’ll admit whilst I am a shoe addict unfortunately as much as I would like to I can’t afford to buy all my favourites and there is one particular boot I’m waiting to arrive.  I was lucky enough to see it when our buying team were choosing the range last year and instantly fell in love, so bring on the FitFlop winter boot delivery!

Till next time