Monday, 27 June 2016

Download Festival 2016

It’s that time of year again, Festival Season!!

 I love nothing more than a good music festival each year and my personal favorite is Download festival, I am relatively new to the festival scene and 2014 was my first experience of a festival and I LOVED it! Since then I have been attending Download festival every year.

We all know that when festival season hits we can expect rain and mud and Download being one of the first UK festivals being in June is no exception. In fact 2015 was the wettest Download I had ever attended and I was completely un-prepared. So June 2016 has begun and I am pumped for Download 2016, but this year I decided to be a little more prepared. I therefore purchased a waterproof coat (I only wore a hoody last year and it was freezing) and a pair of Bogs Sydney Plaid wellies. I chose Bogs as I tried multiple different wellington brands but found these to be the most comfortable and as they have neoprene uppers I knew these would keep my feet warm. I also loved the style of them as they look more like a fashion boot rather than a wellington while still being practical for wet and muddy conditions. 

So, the day has arrived and me and my friends are en route to the festival, we arrive, park up and get kitted up for what is forecast to be a very wet weekend. The walk from the car park to the arena is about a mile and I was pleasantly surprised that my Bogs were very comfortable, bearing in mind, this is the first time I have worn them so they have come straight out of the box. We arrive and take our position in front of the main stage ready for the first acts (with a pint of cider I might add) 

3pm hits, oh no, its that dreaded rain, and my gosh did it rain, I was soaked in about 15 minutes and this rain continued until we left the festival at gone 11pm. By this time the grounds are very wet and beginning to get very muddy, giving my new Bogs a run for their money. The real test was going to be the following day as by then there are rivers running through the arena and campsite and mud higher than my ankles. Not enough to put me off going though, I would be going no matter what.

On the Saturday the rain continued to fall before we even arrived at the site, I therefore took the sensible option and wore full waterproofs this time, trousers, a jacket and my Bogs wellingtons. By the end of the second day I was completely soaked (even with my waterproof clothes) the shear amount of rain had eventually gone through leaving me wet and cold BUT my feet were completely dry! So my new boots had done the trick and withstood all the rain and mud leaving my feet the only part of me that stayed dry.

I have worn wellingtons before and have tried multiple brands but wanted to try something different. I can honestly say my Bogs are the best pair of wellingtons I have ever owned and are worth every penny, not only are they completely waterproof, they are comfortable and the styling of them is casual and different. I will definitely be using them again next year.

Download 2016 – quite possibly the wettest and muddiest festival I have every attended but a great weekend and Ill definitely be back next year – Obviously, with my Bogs Sydney Plaid

Friday, 22 January 2016

The Crème de la crème of wellingtons: Le Chameau

The Crème de la crème of wellingtons: Le Chameau

From royalty, to farmers, to sailors, people are wearing Le Chameau boots. After seeing the elegant Kate Middleton wearing a pair of Vierzonord le Chameau wellies I thought ‘I have to try a pair’. Secretly, hoping I would be transformed into a Duchess whilst walking my dogs through the wet, muddy country side. Unfortunately, no charming Prince or fairy godmother appeared to rescue me from the wet winter. However, Le Chameau boots are sophistication, durability and comfort rolled into one and they are certainly saving my feet from the continuous downpours.


Starting their journey in a picturesque workshop in Pont d’ Ouilly. Le Chameau boots are hand
crafted by a Maitre Bottier (master bootmaker), with four years of training. There is heritage and prestige woven into the rubber of these wellingtons with the brand being founded in 1927 by Monsieur Chamot. After their beautiful craftsmanship they were sent to an English cottage in the heart of Wiltshire for my luxurious comfort.

The Viersonords are Neoprene lined so incredibly warm. In case, you do not know Neoprene is the material wetsuits are made of. For anyone who hasn’t been in a wetsuit, imagine getting into an English sea when it is only 15 degrees, cloudy and windy (a typical British summer) and not feeling cold. However, Le Chameau has a range of linings from leather, wool and jersey to suit all weather types. 

Price! These boots are by no means cheap. They really are the Crème de le crème of wellingtons. However, they are more than a worthwhile investment. They are a cut above other wellingtons and in my opinion are incomparable to Hunter wellies. Not to mention, every single one of your friends will be jealous when you can stay out for hours riding, shooting, walking or sailing without your feet aching. 

So measure your calf, pick your perfect pair and get ready to feel elegant because Le Chameau are the Duke of all Wellingtons (excuse the pun).